Getting Married in Jamaica?

Get married in jamaica Wedding

At Portmore Flowers & Bridal we treat every wedding, regardless of size or budget exactly the same. Your wedding is our wedding and our foremost focus is on ensuring that the day lives up to everything you’d imagined it would be. Weddings are our specialty and for good reason: We’ve been involved in more than 500 of them. Portmore Flowers & Bridal’s owner Sybil Maitland worked on her first wedding in 1994 and to this day remains friends with literally hundreds of individuals she helped to celebrate their wedding.


Portmore Flowers & Bridal was specifically designed with the bride and groom in mind. In other words, unlike most wedding facilities that repurpose a room to fit your wedding – Portmore Flowers & Bridal was designed for your wedding. Even the bridal facilities are oversized to accommodate your entire bridal party – no sandwiching everyone into a typical bathroom.

Other services include:

Full wedding services.

Church, venue and bridal party decorations.

Reception areas –  air conditioned or on the rooftop.

Marriage Services – Why not get married and start the party at the same place?

Entertainment – We were the owners of a premier entertainment service and we now offer that service as an upgrade.

Total Catering – Formal, buffet or casual, each menu is customized to your particular tastes.

Necessities – Tables, chairs, linens, diningware, music & pa systems. We’ll take care of it all.

Partner Services – Flowers, gifts, photography, Limousine – if we don’t do it, our partners do.